Kalvans Vitalijs

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Vitaly Kalvans (Born 1909. 19. IX Rēzekne apr. Andrupene parish. Died 30. IV 1965 in Riga) - painter.

Born in the family of a mill mechanic. Studied at the Ludza gymnasium and already in 1927 participated in the exhibition of students' works. Studied at the Art Academy of Latvia from 1928-1936 in the landscape master workshop led by prof. V. Purvītis, graduated with the diploma thesis "At the Mill".

He started participating in exhibitions in 1931, in joint exhibitions from 1935.
Personal exhibitions: in Ludza in 1931, together with L. Tomašicki,
In Rezekne in 1934, together with A. Egli.
In Ludza in 1948, 1967, 1981.
In Rezekne in 1948, 1980, 1988.
in Riga in 1959, 1963, 1965
in Jelgava in 1962.
in Koknese in 1981
in Krāslava in 1988

Member of the Union of Artists from 1945.

He painted in a realistic manner, initially similar compositions to the entire circle of Purvītis students, but he quickly found his own way of revealing the landscape. Tonalist, succumbs to naturalism for a short time, but vitality and professionalism helps to overcome it. He painted a lot, left a prolific legacy. Dynamic, try to understand the essence of each composition. Saturated color, play of lights sometimes bring dramatic moods.

Created a cycle of landscapes dedicated to the memorial places of the life of the People's Poet Rainis.