Justīne Seile Urtāne

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2009-2012: Fine arts studio of Ventspils youth center
2011-2012: Riga Collage of Art and Design
2001-2012: 1. gymnasium of Ventspils, Latvia
2012-2014: Liepāja Collage of Art, Music and Design (painting department)
2014-2018: Art Academy of Latvia, Bachelor (painting department)
2018-2021: Art Academy of Latvia, Masters degree (Painting department)


Group exhibition "plain air life", Liepaja Collage of Art and Design, "exhibition hall". Liepaja, Latvia.

Personal exhibition "different world" at tea house "Materia", Riga, Latvis

Personal exhibition at library of University of Ventspils, Latvia

Group exhibition "Spring 2015", theatre hall "Jūras vārti", Ventspils, Latvia

Group exhibition "SEB bank stipendy in art", Art academy of Latvia, Rīga

Personal exhibition "the same world", 1. gymnasium of Ventspils. Ventspils, Latvia

Group exhibition "Broderlo art scholarship", Art Academy of Latvia. Riga, Latvia

Group exhibition "SEB Bank scholarship in art", Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

Group exhibition "Artworks by Students of LMA", Liepaja Collage of Art and Design "exhibition hall". Liepaja, Latvia

Group exhibition, Art Academy of Tartu. Tartu, Estonia.

Personal exhibition "Without title" Talsi museum exhibition hall. Talsi, Latvia

Personal exhibition “it's all the same”, bar “Republika”. Riga, Latvia

Group exhibition “SEB bank stipendy in art”, Art academy of Latvia, Rīga, Latvia

Personal exhibition “Portraits”, Ventspils 1. gymnasium, Ventspils, Latvia

Group exhibition “Paintings bachelor work exhibition of Art academy of Latvia" Kuldiga art house, Latvia, Kuldiga

Personal exhibition “Pleasures”, Ventspils central library, Ventspils, Latvia

Personal exhibition “Portraits”, Grand Poet hotel by Samarah art gallery, Riga, Latvia

Group exhibition "young painters prize" at "TSEKH gallery", Vilnius, Lithuania

Group exhibittion "young painters prize" at "Pakrante gallery", Vilnius, Lithuania