Jegers Julijs

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Julijs Jegers (1900.10.XII Vecpiebalga, Latvia – 1954.27.XI Mineapolis, ASV) - painter.

Artist was born at the country worker’s family. His cousin was Arvids Jegers – painter and graphic artist. At 1929 he graduated a figural master class under guidance of J. R. Tillbergs, with diploma work “Clothe washers”. He attended Paris, Florence, Rome, Florence and Vienna, Berlin.

He worked as a teacher.

Artist took part at all exhibitions organized by Latvia’s Culture Fund (1942 he took an Honor Prize by Culture Fund about painting “At the hay time”).

At 1944 he immigrated to Germany, 1950 – traveled to USA.

At 1953 he was ill but that was not a barrier to organize a solo exhibition.

At his life time he painted figurative compositions where depicted a country people accented a work and Latvian life style. He depicted a mother and child theme, landscapes and still life.