Jaunsudrabins Janis

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Janis Jaunsudrabins (1977.25.VIII – 1962.28.VIII)

Started to take interest in art at the end of 1890th. He studied in V. Blums school of art in Riga (1899 – 1904) and at the same time he improved in studio of J. Rozentals.
In 1905 artist went to the Munich (on three months), and after returning he organized his first exhibition.
Since 1907 J. Jaunsudrabins focus on writing, but he continued to paint.
In 1908 he went to the Germany and till 1909 studied in Berlin at L. Korint.]
At the time of First World War artist made a stay in Caucasus and painted their landscapes a lot.

In 1919 J. Jaunsudrabins was one of Independent artists unit founders and the first chairman.
He regulary took part in the most important exhibitions of Latvian artists.
His self-exhibitions were made in Riga (1921, 1927).

In 1944 artist emigrated to Germany.