Gulbe Erika

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Erika Gulbe (1916. Riga - 2003. Riga)

Artist graduate Art Academy of Latvia Painting department under guidance of G. Eliass with diploma work “The milking of cows at kolkhoz” (1948).

She worked at the School of deaf – and dumb as drawing teacher (1950 – 1954).

Took part at the exhibitions since 1960.

She was a member of Artist’s Union since 1962.

Solo exhibitions:

Riga, Latvia 1976, 1970.

Straupe, Latvia 1976.

Tukums, Latvia 1980/ 1981.

Early cultivated her own style and painted in oil tehnique on the different canvas sizes. She painted portraits, still lifes and landscapes.

His paintings characterized expressivity and bright color.

At 50th, 2nd half she worked at book graphic.