Grishcenko Anatolij

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Anatoly Grischenko (1946) 

Born in Ukraine



1964-1967 Moscow Art school

1978-1982 Yoschkar-Ola art school

Creative qualification – artistic fund of USSR


Work experience

Artist of applied arts. Working with small forms of monumental art, stained glass and art-glass.

From 1980 working for artistic funds of Russia and Latvia.

Member of international artist`s society UNESCO Latvia’s section.



1970 Moscow, Central house of journalists

1971 Moscow, VDNH pavilion of publishing

1976 Riga, exhibition for monumental artists “Savai pilsētai”

1978 Riga, art days of spring

1981 Riga, autumn festival “Rudens 81”

1982 Riga, autumn festival “Rudens 82”

1983 Riga, art days of spring

1990-1992 Warsaw, galleries “Zapechek” and “Arka”

1993 Riga, gallery “Krast”

1995 Riga, gallery “Basteja” (organizers – Ukrainian embassy in Latvia)

1996 Riga, gallery “Marta Krasta”

1996 Berlin, gallery “Winokan”

1997 Hellbron, gallery “Strumann”

1997 San Francisco, gallery “Winokan”

1997 Moscaw, gallery “Krosna”

1998 Riga, gallery “Māksla”

2003 Paris, gallery “N. Boldyreff”

2004 Paris, gallery “N. Boldyreff”

2011 – Participation in exhibition at gallery “Daugava”

2004 - 2012 – Participation in exhibition at gallery “N. Boldyreff”, Paris

2005 – 2017 – Participation in exhibitions at Classic Art Gallery “Antonia”


Some works of art are in Yoschkar-Ola National museum of art, Artistic funds of Latvia and in private collection in Europe, USA and Egypt.