Gorgots Andrey

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Andrey Gorgots (1951-2021) In 1974 graduated from Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg) College of Arts Design Faculity.

In 1991 moved to Riga, Latvia. The same yeartook part in the International Art Exhibition - Fair ART-MUTH (Moscow).

In 1992 - 2004 held personal exhibitions in Germany, Latvia, Russia. Most of his works are now in private collections in Germany, Israel, Latvia, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Austria, USA, and many other countries.

Andrey Gorgots considers himself a follower of neo-academic directions in art. But irreality in his painting is deceptive. First it amazes with its tangibility, then dispels like a mirage. I consider artist's creative work a combination of previos generations experiance with artist's system of perception. Andrey Gorgots' painting are meant for an intellectual audience, capable to understand and share artist's enhanced feelings.

In many of his works there is motiv of sadness and even tragedy as in "Jesus Christ Passing the AIDS Blood Test" ( this painting, as well as "Poppies", is made in psychedelic manner).

In his every work the artist tackles love, death, unattainable harmony - in other words, eternity. He confuses us with a labyrinth of simbols, with whimsical assotiative interplay, as if he wishes a more active dialogue with his audience...