Goltjakov Albert

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Albert Goltyakov (1924-2016)

Born in a family of workers.

Studied at the Krasnoselsk Technical School of Artistic Metal Processing (1948-52), graduated from the LVMA Department of Graphics (1959); diploma thesis – illustrations for the Е.M. Remark novel "Time to live and time to die" (directed by P. Upītis).

Participates in exhibitions since 1958. MS member since 1964.

During World War 2, he fought on the 1st Baltic Front, awarded with medals and orders. LMA teacher (since 1959), dean of the Fine Arts Department (1967-71), assistant professor (since 1970), master's degree (1992).

The work is characterized by publicistic and patriotic pathos.

At the beginning of his career, he made linocut cycles on the themes of the revolution and World War II ("Kara gadi", 1965; "We are on the road", 1959-63). In later years he turned to painting; large-format figurative compositions, solving global problems related to the past and future of humanity ("Death of Apollo", 1974; "Man. Earth. Universe", 1976; "Memories", 1979; "Abyss", 1980; "Epiphany. Dedicated to Stalin for the falsely punished victims of the cult", 1987).

In his works, he used strict composition, perfect drawing, local areas of color. Also worked in book graphics and poster art.