Fridrihsons Kurts

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Kurts Fridrihsons (1911. 07. IX Riga – 1991. 31. I, Riga)

Artist childhood was gone in Riga, 1916 – 18 he gone together with parents to Dnipropetrovs’k as a fugitive’s. He learned at Germany gymnasium when he returned to Riga. 1931. – 38. – Architectural studding at Latvian University, where he learned painting to V Purvitis (ending 1, 2, 3). 1938. – Learning to A. Deren in Paris.

Artist took part at the exhibitions since 1932. 1946 – As a Member of artist Union of Latvia, expelling in 1951 restored at 1957.

1938 – 41 he work at “Valter and Rapa”, bookshop’s foreign department, since 1941. at Riga’s History and Shipping Museum. 1944. – calling to germane military service, after that in as a fugitives in Kurland. 1947 – 48 as a teacher at JRRMV. K. Fridrihsons in this time met with like minded fellows at France group; 1951 he had putted under arrest and convicted on 25 years about parricide. He was at imprisonment till 1956, rehabilitated at 1991.

He worked printing works at the Riga’s History and shipping museum, Dailes Theater (1967 – 72), combine “Maksla”, made exhibition’s. Artist was merit employee of LSSR (1989) and Scientist Academy’s honor member of Latvia (1990).

Artist work at oil technique, since end of 1950 made aquarelles and was one from this painting’s style founders. He made cycles and thematic was Latvian folklore, ancient legends, world literature and art archeological layers in connection. At 1960 he was so called abstractionist:

1967 – Solo exhibition „The Livonian’s legends”, 1977 – „The walk of Indian’s”, 1978 – The theme of Shopeen”, 1981 – „The gests and passengers”.

Still 1974 he worked mainly in technique of flomaster’s and in this paintings associative wave communicated together with rather culture reminiscences. At this time was done his individual style – virtuosity of line, colour, what made reflections of spiritual dimensions (cycle „Gipsies”, 1974, „Passages”, 1976, „Wherever is be”, 1986, „The trace”, 1990). Fridrihson worked also as illustrator (homer „Illiade”, 1961…..)


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