Feders Julijs

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Julijs Feders (1838.19.VI – 1909.19.I)

- Educated at Petersburg academy of Art under guidance of S. Vorobiov;
-1860/ 6 - graduated with Silver medal.
- Academic degree;
- Professor degree at Art academy of Petersburg, but was not affirmed at this post.
- 1863 – 1875, lived at Jelgava, teacher at real school, in this time
Artist traveled very much, attended: Switzerland (1865) France. Spain, Norway at 1874.
1875 / 1876 he supplied his education at Dusseldorf Art academy to his study member E. Dikers.
1874 he was graduated by Silver medal for painting “After the storm” at World exhibition in London.
1876 – 1886 he lived at Ukraine and worked as a teacher at Belgorod’s teacher’s seminar.
          Since 1886 Feders lived at Petersburg’s, at this time he met members from Latvian cooperative “Rukis”, very often attended Latvia and painted landscapes, putting the base of Latvian landscape school.
He was a regular participant at Petersburg Art academy exhibitions. 1908 / 1909 he took part at every Latvian retrospective Art exhibition.
Memorial exhibitions:
1911 at Petersburg Art academy
Solo exhibitions:
Riga 1953, 1963, 1988 and 1985.