Dzenis Albins

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Albins Dzenis (1907.19. XII Riga

1935 – Graduating Latvian Art Academy, department of Decorative painting by guidance of J. Kuga (diploma work – „After fishing”). He worked at the Daugavpils Theater (1936–40), to Traveling theater (1940–41), Riga’s Dramatic theater (1942–45). Artist was a main artist at the Liepajas Theater (1945– 71) and teacher at the Liepajas Applied Art school. 1970 – 80 A. Dzenis continued at the Liepajas and Valmieras Theater.


He took part at the exhibitions since 1934 with decorations sketches and paintings, mainly landscapes.

Since 1950 – Artist was a member of Latvian Artist Union and Peoples folk/art studio. (1955). Since 1955 A. Dzenis was rich of merits employee of art in Latvia Republic of Soviet Union. When he was a 40 years old he was very known stage designer.

The most known works of artist are - “Raudupiete”, 1942, R. Blaumanis “From the sweet bottle”, 1942, “The prodigal son”, 1943, at the Riga’s Drama Theater.

W. Shakespeare “The valet of the two messieurs”, A. Chekhov “The mew”, J. Rainis “Let’s rot wind” and other.

The creative art of A. Dzenis was decorative and organize together painting element’s and constructive.

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