Danne Karlis

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Karlis Danne (1909-1939) - artist.

Was born in family of young farmers. Brother Karlis Dane - sculptor.

He studied at the AAL (1929-36), graduated from a workshop of landscape painting; The Diploma work - "Fields", acquired by the Cultural Foundation (headed by V. Purvitis). Actively participated in public life of AAL, encouraged the student association "Green Land", participated in its exhibitions in Riga and Liepaja, organized various discussions about art. In 1932 he organized an exhibition of the Ventspils artists, with his paintings participated at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Cultural Foundation exhibitions; memorable solo exhibition in Riga in 1983. Since 1983 in the Ventspils region there have been regularly held memorable exhibitions of both artists.

He drew mainly landscapes, city landscapes, portraits and still lifes. Great attention was paid to textures, brushstrokes. Very delicate colorist.


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