Bumanis Arvids

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Arvids Bumanis (1942-2000) - the representative of figurative painting.

Born in the artisan's family. Wife Lija Būmane - painter. In 1961 graduated from the Riga School of Woodworking, 1970 – Art academy of Latvia, Painting Department; Diploma work - "Architects" (headed by E. Kalninsh). Teacher at the Riga Secondary School of Applied Arts (1968-73) and teacher at the Art Academy of Latvia (since 1972). Has participated in exhibitions since 1969; solo exhibition in Bene (1973). Member of the Artists' Union since 1973; Acting in various commissions of the Artists` Union, at the Art Foundation's portrait painting commission.

One of the most important persons in figurative painting in his generation. The choice of topics is always considered and always justified. In artworks he showed the environment which was close to him, surrounding people, their relations, which the artist well combined with a wide range of cognitive materials on history, geography, topography. Much attention has been devoted to historical themes, travel impressions, still life and portraits. Choices of expressions, is very purposeful. In the All-Union Competition "New Worker" won the prize for the painting "Practitioners" (1973).

Also worked at book graphic; made an artistic outfit for more than 40 significant publications. Particular attention was paid to illustrations of  children's literature. The artistic level of illustrations was often so high that they acquired the value of independent artwork. He was also engaged in wood carving.