Auere Silvija

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Silvija Auere (1946-2020)

graduated from the ceramics department of the Riga Applied Arts High School, in 1977 - the glass design department of the State Academy of Arts. In 1965 - 1979, she was a visual art pedagogue and head of the self-directed art studios in Riga. A long-time member of the Artists' Union of Latvia, she has been participating in exhibitions since 1976. The artist's works are exhibited in the Gallery of the Union of Artists, the Museum of Applied Arts, and can be found in private collections in Latvia and abroad.

The author has cultivated clear lines and a constructive approach. For many years, she has pleased the audience with express portraits, reflecting the most characteristic features of the portrait subject's face in a minute.

The artist created porcelain objects, decorative glass vessels, light fixtures, highlighting the versatility of glass plastic, modeling diverse shapes and color ranges. In the 1980s, Silvija Auer introduced a new stylistic approach to interior design, expanding the boundaries of genres in her works. The artist actively created works in the Līvāni glass factory, but in the Grīziņkalns glass factory, the polychrome blown, milk glass and original vases, which have gained special recognition in the artist's work, were produced.