Valdis Buss (1924) Solo-exhibition "With the sun..."


Alise Medina (1984) Solo-exhibition "City monologues"


Classic, contemporary, graphics and porcelain exhibition.



Dina Zakman (1974) Solo-exhibition "BABOOSHKI"

Zakman Dina / artwork

Exhibition of International Kaunas Plein Air, dedicated to interwar Lithuanian painter Antanas Samuolis (1899-1942)

"Expression of the Silence"

The exhibition is based on the 17th international painting plein-air of A. Samuolis. This plein-air is aimed to accentuate the significance of Kaunas’ art school and to develop the traditions of Lithuanian painting. It is dedicated to Antanas Samuolis who was one of the most famous Lithuanian interwar painters and a member of modernists’ group „Ars“. Traditionally, the participators of this plein-air are professional artists from various countries who represents different painting schools and together reveal a common theme of the plein-air.

The 17th international plein-air was strongly related to the wonder of Lithuanian UNESCO heritage – Kaunas Pažaislis Abbey, its history, atmosphere and virtues. The plein-air took place right in the complex of Pažaislis which surroundings were about to help participants to enjoy the concentration of peace and find the most creative painterly solutions. The concept of the 17th plein-air was “The Expression of Silence” and this concept was the title of entire plein-air.

Mostly lithuanian artists participated in this plein-air and one arrived from the  neighbourhood – Latvia. Participators: Ausma Bankauskaitė, Rolandas Karalius, Gražvydas Kardokas, Rūta Katiliūtė, Kristine Kvitka (Latvia), Edita Stankevičiūtė, Audrius Šumskas, Gintautas Vaičys. The exhibition based on this plein-air was also shown in Pažaislis Abbey and in the gallery „Homo Ludens“ in Jonava, Lithuania (2010). And now we are very pleased to present it in Riga.“

Gintautas Vaičys


Kvitka Kristine / artwork


Classic, contemporary, graphics and porcelain exhibition.
"Winter feeling "


Painter Laimdots Murnieks (1922-2011)

memorial exibition "A bit of sunshine in a cold water....",

Murnieks Laimdots / artwork


Old masters and contemporary artists' year end exhibition
"Inhale - Exhale "


Ansis Butnors (1977) Solo-exhibition "Sleeplessness"

Butnor Ansis / artwork


Alise Medina (1984) Solo-exhibition "Spring symptoms"

Medina Alise / artwork