Zeberins Indrikis

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Born   1882. 30. 08 – 1969. 18. 05
Latvian painter, book illustrator, cartoon illustrator
            Zeberins got a big investment at Latvian book graphic art, his thematic was a patriarchal peasants lives depicting, image of his persona’s are humorous, comic and satirical.
            He is worked at aquarelle, ink, woodcutting techniques, drawings are made with ink, sanguine and pencil. His graphics works are fulfils at woodcutting, linocut, lithograph and ofort techniques.
            Zeberins was born at country workers family, near the small town in Latvia – Kuldiga. His first education was at local school (1894 – 1898 ), two years at Kuldiga’s ministry’s school (1898 – 1900 ), than at Riga, study of Latvian painter J. Rosenthal’s and evening curse to Murmanis ( 1909 – 1914). Still 1914 – 1915 he educated at Imperial Arts Favoring School.
            Still 1918 he went to Moscow and entered at the 3rd Kurland Latvian rifleman regiment, at that time he illustrated a journal “Strelnieks” (1919 – 1920)
            Still he returned to Riga and graduated a Latvian’s Art Academy under guidance J. R Tillbergs, with diploma work “Sunday’s morning”(1925), at the 1927 he traveled to West Europe.

            I. Zeberins took part to Independent Artist’s Unity’s exhibitions (1920 – 1926), Latvian’s Artist’s cooperation (1928 – 1938), Culture Fund’s exhibition’s, Latvian’s Representation’s Exhibition’s to Stockholm (1927), Moscow and Leningrad (1934).
Solo Exhibitions:
            Riga (1930, 1943, 1962), Irlava (1933), Dzukste (1934), Renge, Koknese (30th), Kuldiga (1962), Kazdanga (1965), Ogre (1966)
Memorial Exhibition’s:
Riga (1981, 1982), Kuldiga (1972. 1982), Tukuma  (1983)

            Zeberins was a member of Latvian Artist’s Unity still 1944 – 1951, was expelled at time, when he was at prison in Riga (About his satirical works and sharp illustrations)
Still 1956 he was restored at Latvian’s Art Unity